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Acute Rehabilitation (Physical & Occupational Therapy)

Meet the acute rehabilitation needs of your injured worker    patient.  Services provided in a clinic environment with state-of-the art equipment.  Our focus is on pain management and returning the injured worker back to work ASAP.  Many times injured employees can continue work while recovering.  Services include but are not limited to Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Needs Analysis Survey

A comprehensive process provided to business and industry to determine the nature and possible   solutions to specific re-occurring workplace illnesses or injuries.  A proposal is prepared to identify cost-effective, outcome-driven services to reduce injury or illness risk.

Job Site Analysis / Job Description

This consists of visiting job sites to perform hands-on evaluations of physical requirements of employees.  This would include photos of the employee performing each job task and physically measuring / weighing objects used in the performance of tasks.  The information is then used to make recommendations that could alleviate injuries including back and CTD, in addition to defining the essential functions of the job.  The ADA recommends that a job site assessment be done.  It is extremely important to justify worker selection criteria.

Post Offer Testing

40% of all workers compensation costs are related to direct medical expenses, and 60% go towards disability settlements, legal payments, and administrative costs including higher premiums.  Many companies now require post offer testing.  The objective is to:

  •  Determine employee's ability to perform specific job tasks
  •  Identify cumulative trauma syndromes or disease processes
  •  Establish baseline data on hiring so as to qualify extent of legitimate injuries
  •  Pass/Fail test used to determine if job applicant can perform essential job functions

Work Conditioning & Work Hardening

The Work Conditioning and Work Hardening objective is to re-condition the worker back into the workforce without re-injury.  Many patients have been out of work for months and lack the cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal conditioning to be able to safely perform their given job functions.  Work simulated exercise programs are individually designed to reinforce the employee's self-confidence, teach proper body mechanics and recondition the body for duty fitness.

Job Coaching

We provide on-site individualized services provided by the therapist to assure a safe return to a specific job.  Suggestions and modifications can be made during instruction time to help transition workers back to full duty.

IMPACC Program

The IMPACC Program is designed to meet the requirement of the proposed OSHA 3123 guidelines.
Steps include:

  •  Work Risk Analysis
  •  Management Training both CTD and Back
  •  Employee Training both CTD and Back
  •  Ergonomic Team Training
  •  Written Plan

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The FCE is an evaluation tool that measures a patient's functional level.  It may be used post-injury to monitor an injured worker's progress or determine level of impairment.  Our FCE also indicated    is consistent and determines whether the patient is putting forth maximal effort or purposely withholding capability, allowing us to set realistic recommendations of transition back to work, job coaching, or possible consideration of a new job.  The FCE is automated and includes criteria to evaluate symptom magnification, inappropriate behavior and if the tests are valid.

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